作为木材的专业供应商,我们为木材行业提供高品质的木制品。 由于现有的高端机械,在切割方面几乎一切皆有可能。 我们努力通过从我们广泛的全球标准木制品中定制木工来满足所有需求。

Round wood / logs of many types of wood.

Our range of logs includes the following logs made of spruce, fir, pine, Siberian spruce, beech, larch, oak, chestnut, teak and any other wood on request

Biomass and wood chips/wood chips/wood pellets/wood briquettes Joinery

Precisely tailored wood is supplied for large objects. That means: Fast / precise / individual / tailor-made / high quality.

EARTHQUAKE-RESISTANT residential buildings made of solid walls.
  • Facades
  • Ready Pallet wood Precisely cut wood for pallets, we deliver WORLDWIDE for packaging. Ideal for pallet producers.

We supply sawn timber in various quality levels, thicknesses and lengths – according to your wishes. We offer you a large selection of clean and professionally dried lumber that meets your quality requirements.

无论是异国木材还是来自我们当地森林的木材。 在 ABAKUS,您可以选择大量修剪和未修剪的木材。