ABAKUS was found in 1985 by Mr. Uwe Halliger, born 1951 Business econimist in Germany.

Today we are operating all over the world and have 2 Brands: Cullinaria and Gourmetas.

ABAKUS is your trustful partner in commodities and foodstuff:


Our group of companies operates WORLDWIDE

A large team of the most experienced specialists in corporate governance, finance, law, marketing and sales work with a high level of focus and motivation to achieve maximum goals. Our top specialists in a wide range of industries such as logistics and distribution as well as oil & gas, mining and construction work to create value for our customers around the world.

Close business relationships with industry leaders, top Fortune Global 500 executives and national corporate recognition give the Sassa Group a strong point of reference to tackle the toughest issues and achieve the best possible results.

Over the years, Abakus Global Trade has confidently established a reputation as a global player that exceeds its clients' expectations in solving the toughest challenges.

Our partners fully trust us with the finest aspects of their business.

Our company's integrity, honesty, ethics, confidentiality and performance have never been compromised.

Abakus Global Trade provides a wide range of investment, consultancy and outsourcing services for companies of all sizes, from the largest multinationals to mid-sized companies and start-ups.